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The Birth of Tragedy from the Spirit of Painting

Nietzsche claims life always involves a struggle between two elements: the Dionysian and the Apollonian (very loosely: reality undifferentiated by forms and like distinctions versus reality as differentiated by forms, or the forms themselves).

Apollo, as the sun-god, represents light, clarity, and form, whereas Dionysus; the experience of life's darkest sides—intoxication, absorption by the primal horde, in short, dissolution of the individual and re-immersion into a common organic whole.

The fusion of Dionysian and Apollonian "Kunsttrieben" ("artistic impulses") forms dramatic arts, or tragedies. This form of tragedy allows us to sense an underlying essence, what Nietzsche called the "Primordial Unity", which revives our Dionysian nature - which is almost indescribably pleasurable.

Justins' work is a vision of this struggle, this dance, this maelstrom in action. Images of  "Primordial Unity".


Born 1973, Sydney, Australia.

Painting Collections

The University Of Newcastle Union
Private Collections - Australia (University lecturers,                                                                   Psychologist, students, Music shop owner, Chef, etc)
                                - California U.S.A

Prizes And Commendations

1995 Highly Commended Annual student Acquisitive Art Prize, The University Of Newcastle Union, for the Painting ‘Char Woman’

1994 Highly Commended and Purchased Annual student Acquisitive Art Prize, The University Of Newcastle Union, for the Painting ‘Leaves from the Modus Vivendi Fareway’

1993 First Prize Annual student Acquisitive Art Prize, The University Of Newcastle Union, for the Painting ‘Today’s the day’

"Mickey Mouse meets Blue Poles"

Individual Exhibitions

2000 Aardwolf Gallery - August 5 to 18
1998 Roar Studios - October, Fringe Festival
1997 Grand Central Art - August 25 to September 25
1997 Roar Studios, 'The Crayon Garden' - April 29 to May 11
1997 Atomica Cafe - February and March.
1996 Atomica Cafe - October and November
1996 Roar Studios, 'The Dog Barking At A Nude Exhibition' February 16 to 25
1995 The View Factory, 'The Lacuna Invigilation'

Group Exhibitions

2000 Chiara Goya Gallery, 'n/a' - June 5 to 25 2000
Aardwolf Gallery, 'Mass Hang' -
April 1998 Roar Studios, Roar member show A3 works
1997 Roar Studios, Four Studio Member Of Roar, Australia Council Grant 1997 Roar Studios, 'Lydia Waters And Friends' -July 8 to 20.
1997 'Felix' Benalla
1997 Roar Studios, 'Random Sample Four' - February 18 to March 2
1997 Roar Studios, 'Hangover' - January 21 to February 2.
1996 'The Fifth Australian Contemporary Art Fair' Roar stand - Oct 2 to 6 The Royal Melbourne Exhibition Building.
1996 Roar Studios, 'The Jawbing Hammer' Art Auction and Exhibition - July
1996 Roar Studios, 'Three For All'- April 23 to May 5.
1996 Roar Studios, 'Pet Show' - March 25 to April 7. 1995 'Public Hangings' (No Vacancy Program) Beaumont St, Hamilton N.S.W.
1994 Watt Space, 'Two Poles Bare' with photographer Gunther Hang.

  Justin Graham (aka Barking Bandicoot) completed a BA/Visual Arts and a Graduate Diploma of Art at The University of Newcastle in the years 1992 - 1995. He won the University Aquisitive Art prize as a second year student in 1993 for the painitng Today's the Day and was highly commended the next year for the work Leaves from the Modus Vivendi Fareway, which the University also purchased. One of the Sculpture lecturers purchased an assemblage.

Roar Studios

After University, Justin moved to Melbourne with the desire to join the famous Roar Studios. He soon became a committee member and was fundumental to its revival a the time. Renovations were undertaken and a series of fundraisers held. He organised the Fitzroy Town Hall to be hired at a discount so all member could participate  in a 15 year show. When all the funds from the fund raising were stolen Justin successfully acquired an emergency grant.

Justin participated in the Fringe Festival parade for two consecutive years body painting models on a float to promote the artist-run gallery.

Community spirit waned at Roar. Justin was offered a studio space by the Peter Bonner (Winner Dobell prize for Drawing 1997, AGNSW) and moved studios to king William street. Roar closed down less then two years later.

Manchester City Art Galleries      
  In 2002 Justin worked as a Visitors Service Assistant at Manchester City Art Galleries. He travelled extensively throughout Europe visiting many Galleries most notably; ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst (Denmark), CoBrA Museum Amstelveen (Netherlands), Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, The Neue Pinakothek in Munich and the Miro Foundation in Barcelona.      
  College of Fine Arts Paddington
  In 2003 Justin had returned to Australia and enrolled for a two year Bachelor of Art Education course at CoFA (the University of NSW). He has concentrated on his teaching career since then at various schools across Sydney and Melbourne.      

New work 2015

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