Impasto, thick, chunky  p1

untitled 1996
Untitled 1996
oil on board

Two figures with sick pet
Two figures with sick pet
1995, oil on canvas, 1.2m x 1.3m (private collection)
Flying Thing (Maelstrom)
flying thing (Maelstrom)
oil on canvas,  61cm x 61cm,

The Dive
oil on board

The Warlock

Bride with Porter
oil on board, 1.2m x 1.8m

An Areola Demurral

Untitled 1997(?) oil on canvas

Even under the influence of the narcotic draught, of which songs of all primitive men and peoples speak, or with the potent coming of spring that penetrates all nature with joy, these Dionysian emotions awake, and as they grow in intensity everything subjective vanishes into complete self-forgetfulness. In the German Middle Ages, too, singing and dancing crowds, ever increasing in number, whirled themselves from place to place under this same Dionysian impulse. [...] There are some who, from obtuseness or lack of experience, turn away from such phenomena as from "folk-diseases," with contempt or pity born of consciousness of their own "healthy-mindedness." But of course such poor wretches have no idea how corpselike and ghostly their so-called "healthy-mindedness" looks when the glowing life of the Dionysian revelers roars past them. (Nietzsche, Friedrich, The Birth of Tragedy.translated by Walter Kaufmann)

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